Types of poker – the main poker variations!

Poker is undoubtedly the most popular casino game. That’s why it has so many varieties. This article will tell you about different types of poker but first look at the comparison of various poker websites below.

The first poker game to speak about is Texas Holdem. The aim of the game is to find the strongest hand. This game can be played by two-five people. You need a deck consisting of fifty-two cards. If you play at a casino, the cards are dealt by the dealer but if you play somewhere in another place then the person who deals determines the button. Small Blind is a player sitting next to the dealer. His duty is to get your bet before the cards are dealt, and this rate should be equal to the half of the minimum bet or it can have 10-20% of the maximum bet. The cards are dealt to the left in order. Each player receives two cards that are not open.

Omaha poker main is another popular type of poker on the Internet. One should create the strongest hand with his two pocket cards and three community cards.  Before the game starts all the players make the ante. After that the player sitting to the left of the dealer makes a blind bet, which is equal to the half of the minimum bet. The next player does the same thing. Then the players receive a card dealt. Each player receives gets 4 pocket cards. Omaha Hi-Lo implies the fact that the pot is split between the worst and the best combination. Here ace can serve not only as the highest card, but also as the smallest. At the beginning of the game everyone has to make the minimum bet to the bank – ante bet. The player sitting next to the dealer makes half of the ante bet while his follower raises the ante. Then, all the players get four cards face down.

7 cards stud poker is played with 52-card deck. The playesr should make the highest combination using 5 cards out of 7.  If you play in a casino, you usually make the ante and bring-in. If you are playing at home, then you can only make the ante. Once the bets are made the dealer deals two closed cards and an open card. The first bet is made by the player with the lowest upcard and after all the other players make their bets.

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