Roulette – No More Bets, Please

Casino Betting Tips Recently, after learning more about the world of online roulette play (I’ve always shied away from it in the past in favor of a real ball and wheel in a casino), I’ve noticed some sites cut off the ability of the players to bet before the wheel is spun. Personally, I think this makes sense. It’s enough work to worry about keeping track of everyone’s bets as they come flying in between spins, but to see someone slip a few more here and there and try to make sure everything is Kosher with the wheel itself while the spin is taking place is multi-tasking at it’s most unnecessary.

Others, though, aren’t happy about it. I’ve observed and participated in multiple conversations on the matter, and here are some of the thoughts and sides.

First, a lot of these sites (it’s believed) open the doors to you with the prospect of endless options and shortcuts to hook you in and make you a regular with an account. Once a certain amount of time passes, the window slowly starts to close, keeping the fresh air from coming in. Some of that fresh air is the ability to bet up to 15 or 20 seconds after the spin has been initiated. But at a few sites, I won’t mention names here, that’s been cut off.

It also could just be the live online dealers noticed people were placing bets too close to when the wheel stopped, perhaps trying their luck at sneaking a bet passed the system after the number was marked. So, like any reasonable business would do, it stepped up its countermeasures and put more of a buffer between the betting and the number determination.

There’s also steps between the placing of the casino bonus bet and the number mark that some people on the outside looking in aren’t aware of. You have to get your chips down, then with the mouse or telephone keypad you have to confirm the bet twice before it’s actually placed. There’s also the latency time between the Internet feed and the studio, which can lag depending on the quality of your connection. In real time, it’s still going to take about seven to 10 seconds after the release of the ball before the table is closed – this is even if they technically halt betting just prior to the spin. So, technically, you still have a few seconds to finish the process of getting your bet confirmed.

I will say that online gamblers, especially in the roulette sites and forums, are an observant, no-nonsense crew. They notice every little change and adjustment, wary of handicaps to their advantage as players. We’re even talking a design change on the virtual wheel. Yeah.

Roulette – No More Bets, Please

So, if you’re a regular to online roulette or are thinking about playing, and this is something that might affect your strategy or destination, it’s something to think about. But for the rest of us, all it means is that you better make up your mind a little more quickly than you had in the past or you’re going to be out of luck until the next spin. But it’s not like you’re waiting on a horse race here, folks. The next spin comes around in a few minutes. You won’t have to wait until next week.

Online casinos will pretty much always clear your money off the spots each time anyway, so there’s no need to fumble with wondering whether to keep your bets in place or move them around. You’ll just be placing them new each spin. And really, what other game allows you to place or change your bet after the action has already started? Obviously aside from poker, can you think of one that’s not part of mid-game rules (such a as double in blackjack)? You can’t bet on a horse in the middle of a race, you can’t bet Keno after half the numbers have been called, what’s so special about roulette?

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