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Nature of luck has been the main issue of interest to many people, regardless of age, social status and other criteria. Clarification of this issue seriously can be addressed to the scientists who specialize in the sociology and psychology. In large-scale studies on such a hypothetical problem of luck-bad luck took real people and not even hundreds, but thousands. And these were all people who consider themselves lucky. The final result of the study was the formula S (success) = T (traits of character) + H (health) + S (self-esteem and sense of humor). By the way, traits included such qualities as the firm vital position, communication and flexibility of mind. You can try your traits right now by choosing the online casino from the list of best online casinos below.

Health involves not only physical condition but also financial and human capital – in other words, friends. Each of these terms contains a lot of other criteria calculated in points. The scientists adopted a special scale. It would seem, is nothing new, because, logically, people are lucky to have all these characteristics. However, there was a scientific study with another point of interest, and really explains the incomprehensible nature of luck. Thus, the scientists found that the most important quality of successful people is their perception of the living situation, the ability to seize the opportunity that any other will not even notice. If a person is ready to use the chance then he is certainly lucky. This ability is similar to the expansion of consciousness. This usually happens because these people can think more than their brethren. This theory is supported by the research of professor of psychology Richard Wiseman from Hertfordshire. He wrote a book «luck factor». In the process of writing the book he put the principles of probability theory and quantum mechanics as the basics. He came to the aforementioned conclusion when the experiment was conducted for the book. He lay in the fact that the two categories of people who considered themselves either losers or lucky were given newspapers containing many advertisements.

Tasks for the subjects were given the following – count the illustrations in the newspaper. Among other things, on one of the pages a large ad was printed «Tell the experimenter you saw it, and get a reward of £ 250». Surprisingly, none of the «group of losers» pay attention to it and simply did not notice the text because their attention was focused on the pictures of advertisements. As well as the qualities of lucky people scientists have identified also the qualities of unlucky people. As a rule, they have lots of complexes; feel constantly being trapped, low self-esteem, tension and anxiety, they are also very neurotic. These qualities make people blind to the ability to perceive new opportunities which are equally open to each and every of us. Is it possible to change your life from failure to luck? Yes, the researchers say, but they will have to change their thinking and join the lucky group of people, as luck is «contagious». Now all you have to do is to read some online casino guide, download online casino software and choose among the variety of games like roulette,   blackjack, poker or  craps.

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